GCPBS Investment Club

Garden City Premier Business School launches an Investment Club.

The GCPBS Investment Club is a voluntary association of the Garden City Premier Business School with the vision to raise a community of investment experts that will maximize returns on their investment in line with global best practices with the strategy to develop and enhance club members capacity through the regular interactions and training undertaken by GCPBS Investment Professionals , Academics and Partner Distinguished CEOs .

The membership is open to all our council members, faculty members, alumni, post graduate students, graduates of open programmes and regular participants of our free webinars. The GCPBS Investment Club will hold monthly webinar zoom meetings where the faculty will share investment outlook covering global investment trends covering varying asset classes, markets and other emerging opportunities with special focus on the Nigerian economy which will later be followed by a presentation by a Distinguished Guest Speaker/ Investment Personality of the month to share his/her experiences with the audience and then take questions on how to undertake and reposition their investment portfolios for maximum returns.

The expectation of the GCPBS investment Club is to improve the capacity of the members of the investment club to double the returns on their investment portfolio annually. The webinar sessions presentations and other materials from the club will not be available to non-members except registered members.

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