Course Overview

What do you do when the documents at your company have molded into a large mountain of paper documents? Have you lost a contract or a license just because someone forgot to send an email? How do you place control over sensitive documents and access to documents at your organization?

There are five initiatives you can adopt:

  1. Hire proper document controllers
  2. Establish clear procedures
  3. Train teams to follow the procedures
  4. Pick the right software tools for document control
  5. Review the results on a periodic basis, and adjust

Whichsoever, approach you choose to facilitate the task of maintaining document control, this two-day training on Document Control and Management is designed to make possible that option.

This course will offer participants the important foundations and best practices for document control. This program is designed to provide expertise to those who want to develop their company’s or personal skills as a document controller.

Why Document Control?

Most of the information businesses manage is in the form of documents – be it paper-based or electronic. At the very core of the quality management system are the management and the control of documents.  The effective management of these documents throughout their lifecycle is referred to as Document Control.

We can also say that document control is the set of measures taken to regulate the preparation, review, approval, release, distribution, access, storage, security, alteration, change, withdrawal or disposal of documents… so, pretty much everything about documents!

A good Document Controller ensures that the document and information obtained in the hands of an officer or executive are the most up to date one. A good document control system also progresses towards the concept of paperless process automation.

There is no wastage of productivity and time when it comes to a proper Document Control System established within an organization.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the Document Control Training, participants of this training program would:

  • understand the key modules with applications found in today’s Organisations.
  • Understand the importance and the important role of a document controller
  • learn about the fundamentals of document control & management
  • frame document control procedures and operations
  • Structure and develop an effective Document Control System
  • Prepare quality documents & records management
  • Understand the relevance electronic document management systems
  • Decipher and implement adequate electronic document management systems

Course outline:

  • Meaning and applications of document
  • Document Formats and system
  • Document controller and responsibilities
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Deliverables & Document lifecycle
  • Document Identification
  • The Document Control Values
  • Master Document Register (MDR)
  • File Management System
    – Transmitting Documents
  • Document Control Procedure
    – Common Problems with Document Control
    – Controlling documents
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems)
    – EXCEL (sorting, identifying, filing, monitoring, and control of documents)
  • MS ACCESS: Creating tables, Forms, Queries, and Reports

Who Should Attend?

Documentation is key in every single organisation, whether you are a large enterprise, an independent professional, or a small business. Therefore, document control principles are applicable to every organisation. For this training, the following interested parties are expected to attend:

  • Individuals who are involved in any aspect of document control and records management
  • Professionals involved in document management strategies
  • Process efficiency executives
  • Administrators involved with managing paper and electronic documents
  • Records managers
  • Information security professionals
  • Compliance officers
  • Document controllers
  • Internal auditors
  • Document management supervisors
  • IT and enterprise content management professionals
  • IT managers
  • And all individuals seeking to enhance their skills as a document controller or who want to start their career as a document control specialist

Organisational Benefits:

Organizations that send their employees to take up the Document Control Training programme would benefit amongst other improvement the following:

  • Better automated processes
  • An implemented disaster recovery plan
  • faster team-work collaboration with systemized documentation
  • stronger access control system throughout the organization
  • improved rules and regulation compliance in place
  • Greater accountability for transparency of information shall be noticed
  • Improved quality management is maintained within the organization
  • Audit trail of document access, movement and use
  • Easy access, search and navigation through documents and information
  • Comprehensive quality management systems can be put in place
  • better security of data and information

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Document Control Training programme will benefit in the following ways:

  • They would scale up or acquire document control skills
  • Individuals become more systemized in their work
  • They are organized in the tasks that are assigned to them
  • They learn time management skills with effective work management
  • They give importance to innovation and creativity
  • They are skilled in coordination and delegation of tasks
  • They foster perfection and discipline at work
  • They become a value add to the people around them
  • Individuals better manage their competencies

They value themselves better and have a better self-confidence