Specialized MSc & PhD Degree in Economics


The Garden City Premier Business School MSC programme in Economics is designed to orient professionals in Business and policy management and to encourage the development of their entrepreneurial capabilities in the light of the liberalised and competitive economic and business environment. In-depth knowledge of the basics of economic and development studies will help them to take up important assignments in economics, policy work as well as undertake entrepreneurial projects.


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Economics is a doctoral programme for senior professional managers/policy makers. It combines coursework and research investigations.  The mission of the PhD programme at Garden City Premier Business School is to create the body of knowledge embedded in practice, and the ultimate vision is to develop and disseminate economic theories, grounded in local and international economic practices and experiences, including case studies and industry analyses. The PhD curriculum is designed based on the needs and preferences of policy experts. It is interdisciplinary, integrative and adopts a holistic approach.